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ISDB-T souce--ISG500

ISG500 is the all-in-one ISDB-T signal generator with ISDB-T standards for digital terrestrial TV system used in Japan. It is the most flexible solution for design evaluation and conformance test of ISDB-T receiver such as set-top box, TV, Car navigation and mobile phone which require a live modulated RF signal.
ISG500 is a complete solution for  ISDB-T Signal generation with built-in ISDB-T modulators, upconverters and MPEG2 TS Generator in a portable unit. It can also support all DTV standard in one unit including DVB-T, DVB-C, ATSC, OpenCable, DVB-S/S2 and DTMB(DMB-TH).

Most importantly, ISG500 supports multi signal output (Max. 3 RF) in one unit that allows simultaneous signal use. It will save your cost and time for buying several other DTV signal generators.

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