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Set Top Box for Digital TV
TV set top boxes allow the user interface into the Internet and allow the collection of the TV then decode digital television DTV broadcasts. DTV set-top boxes are sometimes called receivers. TV viewers must use a set-top box to take advantage of the current analog TV sets to receive digital broadcasts.

In the Internet field, set-top box is actually a matter sorted out Internet "chat" in the special computer - it includes a Web browser and Internet key processes, TCP / IP. Set-top box via the telephone line connected to the service.

In the DTV area, a typical digital set-top box contains one or more microprocessors for running the operating system may be Linux or Windows CE, and parse the MPEG transport stream. Set-top box also includes the MPEG decoder chip RAM and the audio decoding and processing for other chips. A set-top box used by the content depends on the DTV standard.

Digital TV set-top boxes used in satellite, cable and terrestrial DTV services.
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