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LX901 Car Video Interface for BMW
Car Video Interface for BMW



  1. It is suitable for 2005-2009 1/3/5/X5/X6 series BMW application, use I-drive knob can control after market GPS BOX, DVD, TV, etc.
  2. Built-in sound transmittion function to set car radio FM87.9 then you can hear the sound of the after-market video and audio units.
  3. With completely plug and play to finish the installation, no need cut and wield any cables.
  4. Wieccellent picture clear, and stable function.
  5. Do not need to detach monitor can finish the installation.
  6. Auto rear camera switch function.
  7. Car original button switch function.
  8. Built-in CANBUS inside, car original button to operate the different function.
  9. With OEM cable harness, it is simple and easy installation.
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